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lirik lagu 4 p.m. (stupid famous quotes) – mixtapes


i can’t think about you much
and i don’t think about you much
and this day’s already f-cked up
so i’m saying goodnight
and when they call, i say i’m asleep
what more of me do you need to see
i write it all down and then i run away

and when i get lonely, i’ll call
and when i’m bored, i do mean well
but i can’t stop so i guess you can’t get to know me

and i don’t leave my house that much
i’m out of touch, but i feel so much
so i sit outside and watch the cars go by
the rain is calm and i can’t see
i let the sound take me to sleep
this bitterness, it just won’t keep itself away

and when you get lonely, you’ll call
and come on over
i won’t mind at all
we’ve done the same thing so many times
but you really don’t know me