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lirik lagu 07/08/16 – mjab


from the hi*lo
to the bidwell
to the bluebird
you been real
you been here
been there
why’s it gotta end here?
say why’s it gotta end here?

verse 1:
why’s it ending?
i just can’t comprehend it
you hit my phone on private, then you smilin on yo pictures
my heart be so conflicted
like why you be so wicked?
we know this is not the way
so much sh*t i ain’t got to say
your intentions were not okay
you done hurt the version of me
that could trust another person, personally i ain’t free
cause these chains still remain with me
and these scars, still remain to bleed
and my heart still contains the seed
of the bed that you made for me
and you said you would stay with me

verse 2:
and i remember the minutes that we would spend chillin
realest sh*t i’m feelin, was feelin ya whole description
old intentions had to buck, so my love could just hold the vision
no convincin you to f*ck, till we jumped to the noah gibson
you had
the realest energy
you’d spill your enemies
tell me bout all the pain your momma cause from alcoholic remedies
your friends, they be be*friendin me
love letters they sendin me
tellin me how they f*ckin into me
but i ain’t consider it
figure it different
i’d admit, my social life was a shrinkin
i was a ridin on the ship, just to realize it was sinkin
i’d take my anger, to these anxious thoughts that brought me the danger
if i could go back to the bidwell, i’d drop me an anchor and
call you my baby
and hold you till you soft and remaining
all in my arms, i’m all tainted
cause you caused me this pain and
i ain’t fault you at all, ramos
i just called to remind you
i lost you in high school
i can’t afford the cost to come find you
i swear to god