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lirik lagu 1st infantry – backwards – mobb deep


right there…spin that back
(tape rewinding)
straight out the lab
chemistry man
you know.

(verse 1):
i don’t wanna wow
i just wanna chill but yet and still getting confronted by ice grills
learn when i hit em wit, heat incospicuous
stunt just a little bit, stop we gonna finish this sh-t
you little run around snot nosed
i laugh with a cold grin, i bet you wanna pose
you f-ckin’ with a n-gg- who done been through the bullsh-t
n-gg-s die beside me, close friends turnin grimey
wifey, bonin -ssiociates
hate a simple b-tch add it all together
you know who you f-ckin’ wit
a n-gg- who could give a f-ck if he broke
give a f-ck what he tote
got the drop then blow
yousa a scared n-gg- tryin ta live
yellow back and sh-t
yousa a real good actor
you click actresses
the fact is n-gg-s grew stripes for tryin to master dis
havok’s the total package, knock a n-gg- of his axis

push (twist) ya cap backwards
real n-gg-s handle
beef when it’s on dun
lick off if have to
n-gg-s play gangsta
real n-gg-s play low
playin’ the background
f-ck around and get smacked yo

(verse 2):
hey yo i love it
when these n-gg-s think of something sweet with p
love it when people doubt me
love it when you n-gg-s write songs bout me
i love confrontation
love it when a n-gg- that don’t rap, be hatin’
love it when they think it’s only a song a fakin’
love to see their face, with my gun bangin’
and i love for us to bump into each other on the humble
ya n-gg-s are stabbing
my n-gg-s will buck you
yall n-gg-s flaggin’
yeah we got one too..infamous
i heard you screaming our name
what up wit you?
let me explain something
we the worlds most
ya rap n-gg-s
we do this sh-t for real loc, listen
i’ll knock your hustle down kid
yousa a fraudulent -ss n-gg-
i’ll murder you, b-tch
i would love to watch you bleed
and take your last breath
give you pain,and let you get aquainted with death, boy

(chrous till fade)