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lirik lagu blood money – mobb deep


[intro: prodigy]
gotta get this money son…
need a whole lot of them reserve notes!
“aggin’s” is that leave ’em tender…
ayo h!
tell ’em!

ayo! – sh-t can’t get worse – it’ll only get better
homie i’m a die tryin’ chasin’ that old chedda.
they can say what they want i know, it’s small forever
i have n-gg-z sayin’: “hav’ did his thing through-out his ten-year! ”
capital h – went through wakes
cold sweat b-tches looking at me like i’m buggin’. (buggin’?)
sleep talk cause them dreams be real cousin (real!)
they say death come in threes but it should come in dozens.
gotta watch who you loving cause that b-tch’ll switch sides (uh-huh!)
some put me on so i know that b-tch lyin’. (haha man!)
a blind make ’em see! – and that sh-t no good. (naaah!)
the hood raised a n-gg- but – i’m dyin’ to leave!
spread my wings, leave that nest (yo!)
get that good money almost feel like s-x. (yeah!)
and f-ck! – if it don’t happen then, it’s not me
whoever said that bullsh-t – they ain’t see these checks!

[chorus: prodigy]
everything we wake up to this h-ll – reality bite. (reality bite…)
you n-gg-z think sh-ts sweet – ’till somebody die. (’till somebody die…)
and then we smoke to the memories, and get high as a kite! (get high as a kite…)
drinking on some hennessy! – and everybody goin’ with their life. (goin’ with their life…)
people say that the dough we make – that’s blood money! – that’s blood money!
they say our music corrupts the kids… so that’s blood money! – that’s blood money!
they try to tell me the dough i spent… that’s blood money! – that’s blood money!
people say the dough that we ho-ooold… that’s blood money! – straight blood money!

yeah! – in 2006, 2000 ain’t sh-t
i spend that on weed – spend that on kicks.
when i was f-cked up – n-body gave a sh-t
but now i’m up! – ery’body on my d-ck. (ahahaha!)
you now ’bout to witness the power of mobb deep
by the time we through – we gon’ be undefeated!
by the time i’m done – they ain’ gonna wanna hear your weak sh-t.
our raps is murder! – in the beats underneath it!
produced by havoc. – yeah you know where’s it at!
if you need to put out a hit – you gotta see the man.
lil man study our words to help him understand
how to survive – and get through the bullsh-t,
but! – i ain’t no f-ckin’ role model!
shorty follow me you gone be bussin’ off the nozzle.
i’m picking up the bottle. – smoking on the weed,
treatin’ b-tches like hoes – and gettin’ this money.


[outro: prodigy]
let ’em know dunn! let ’em know why they put us through h-ll!
flood our hoods with drugs guns and disease…
tell us to shut up when we speak on it!
man this world was built on blood…
all money is blood money! (that’s right!)
sh-t america stole e’rything!
“in god we trust”…
who god are we talkin’ ’bout? (hummm!)
we don’t trust nuttin’ that come from these muhf-ckers!
we never asked to be here…
you forced us!
so now we don’t have a choice, (let ’em know dunn!)
get rich or die f-cked up and broke! (naaaahh!)
new world order? !
f-cking right it’s a new world!
and we run this sh-t!
the new breed!
do we scare you?
if so i don’t know why…
we’re just the monsters y’all created… (yeeah!)
i just hope we alive when this motherf-cker burn then!
’till then…
it’s the infamous mobb deep!
gorilla-unit… !
’till the death!
and there’s nothing you can do about it!
revenge is so sweet! (whoooooo!)
so sweet! [beat fades out]