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lirik lagu benchwarmer interlude – mocity


i done leveled up, level number 9
you don’t see it now but look & you’ll find
working overtime, don’t pay me mind
go after mine, cover up yo e *
you are going blind, can’t stop the shine
b*tch i’m taking over like it’s 99
ion chit chat, ion wine & dine
when it come to mine, you know i’m sublime
wake up smell the pine, benchwarmer
only want the whip, with tints on her
only want the b*tch, if the hips on her
pick a side, don’t fence on me
man regular sh*t, yo greatest hits homie
man they relished in it, then they blitzed on you
man i’m shannon sharpe, when they skipped on you
then i heard the album, now i skip it too
they crossed me, like jesus
but that ain’t something jesus do
that’s more like skip to my lou
nah that’s something a b*tch a do
hawk trapped in a chicken coop, then i chopped the roof
then i flew the coop, with a bad swoop
she a forbidden fruit, n*ggas hate the truth
then they hate me to
my biggest fear, depending on a label
cuz i heard the stories & i know it’s fatal
i was just broke that’s really fatal cuz i’m new to the green like i’m jason tatum
strip club a money tornado cuz i’m able
b*tches dancing on the table
you should stop calling them b*tches
well prolly, it’s prolly offensive
i just landed lax
is the truth a weird flex ?
north side in the west
real miggas in effect
in fact
utilize on the chest & back
shuttlesworth on the hat to match, n*ggas lacked
picked up right we’re they at, take off to jupiter & never come back
i can not slow down
i gotta go now
back to the motherland
hide from the government
walls are closing in
i feel them cluttering
i yi yi yi
i yi yi yi
i yi yi yi
i yi yi yi
i yi yi yi
i yi yi