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lirik lagu 01 – moises


moises – 01
alb-m: untilted 01

(verse 1)
aspire to be the greatest
acquire defeat and take it
or forever fall
in the hands of satan
if ignorance is bliss
dont take it
if you never struggle
then you never really make it
learn from your experience
yearn to be meticulous
see the world for what it is
burning bridges in this business
you got to stay connected like
some stitches stitched
you got to keep it real
with your b-tches b-tch
dont you get tired of being lied to
tired of lying for my survival
if what i eat ain’t real
i’ll never know what lies do
living in a world of ai
where b-tches paint they eyes
and niggas shoot they muscles in
they thighs

yet you acting like you run shit

mascara only running cause you crying
masquerade you duck and you dive
from the sky i fell and crash landed
to give you these commandments
thou shall focus intense
when emotions expressed
you were blessed
use that energy you possess
and make threats
like if i don’t get it
im going to hold my f-cking breath

b-tch b-tch its number 1

its number one
number one oh oh oh oh oh
its number one
number one oh oh oh oh oh
its number one
number one oh oh oh oh oh
oooh its number one
number one oh oh oh oh oh uh

(verse 2)
used to sell kicks
might as well have rocks
working sun rise to sun drop
still got to work the double
of the stock
i got hired at this other spot
then i got fired out the first


my wings dense
when it rains
i cleanse
heavy the shoulders
i pray for strength
had to use ther traps
and raise my cents (sense)
world in my arm
antartica on my neck

the ice chill

so i dont know that im stressed
when its all monotonous
i dont know that im stressed
that im not top 10
im 01
im not like them
when rents due, im rex dues[?]
i rest when death comes through
and a new innocence
has been born to witness this and
thumb through
like jesus’s messages
i appreciate your attention
attention its

number 1 (echos)

b-tch b-tch
its number one!