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lirik lagu backpack – mome boys


[intro: lil crisp a.k.a. @crispy]

yeah, lil crisp
so we are going with lil crisp?
yup, uh, yah
oh sh-t, mm alright i’ll stop making noises now

[verse 1: lil crisp a.k.a. @crispy]

smoking on gas (gas)
she wanted to last (she do!)
buy me a car (ooou)
i drive it real fast (skrrt)
imma be just like kanye do you see this coat? (can you see this coat?)
buy me a d-mn yacht just to row my boat (lil boat, lil boat)
i should be a gymnast cause i love to flex (straight flexing)
i out here f-cking on your sister any your ex (no he didn’t)
cooking like i’m curry sauce go in the pan (straight splash)
this guy got more dough than the m-ffin man (lil relay!)
ya’ll thought this track was gonna be sh-t
you really did huh?
you had no faith in me, no faith in your boy, no faith in the bars
i mean i guess you were right, it was pretty sh-t

{verse 2: tyrone a.k.a. suda]

tyrone, b-tch
shoot up the sag
if she hot imma nag
straight to my feet
got mad crypto, no ball street
my name dong hallic now, imma f-ck your wife long d-ck style
you didn’t really do a straight virginia hand but curry my hoes
follow my instagram
follow tyrone
my name tyrone
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (oof)

[verse 3: sniping soup]

gucci belt on when i’m f-cking my sister
she don’t call me brother, i’m mr. d-cklister
i pack a fat lip and i roll down town
on my green tractor i don’t f-ck around
road k!ll, road k!ll, that’s what i eat!
and gator p-ssy is my favorite treat
that’s all i gotta say so i guess this is bye
yee haw, yee haw, something the rhymes with bye

[verse 4: hyper]

who i break a pimper cause i keep sh-t
on your block to steal your kid
drinking all this water to stay hydrated
missed your mama’s birthday tell her, “happy bladed.”
i’m hyper the dog
bark bark bark

[verse 5: ptesh]

hittin’ up your b-tch, she sending bobs and vergane
ask her how she feeling say your ex is very mean
turned your girls t-tties into a milking machine
i like chemistry, pollytetra ethaline
arrange the marriage and tell dad to send the goat!
d-mn did you know i came this country on a boat!

[verse 6: bill d-ckinson a.k.a. sparkle]

yo it’s billy d. and i’m getting bigger, check the figure
designated hitter
i make a ship a rap like a city sl!cker
that’s a kicker b-tches could me thicker
i’m a white boy and i can’t say ni-
wait, wait oh sh-t um someone go next

[verse 7: exzd]

low key i ain’t sneak this but still a g*nius
most of the time i unpeel my internal sneakiness
but if you diss me and your song i ain’t gonna put you in the rap
imma pull up on your strap, knock your sh-t off the map
the sneakiness that beef sh-t
that’s beef sh-t, that’s me sh-t
i pull up on your f-cking block and i swear to god i release it
that you prey to god when the mome gang pull up ‘cuz of beef sh-t

[outro: puffer]

zd’s, aye oh
[random burps]
it’s over, it’s actually over
your career is over
anything you worked for is over
don’t be a youtuber
don’t be a twitch streamer
quit school (bomb has been defused)
quit getting your f-cking degree and end your f-cking life because it’s over
cause it’s this rap just ended your entire existence, b-tch!