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lirik lagu like a russian – moneybagg yo


[verse 1: black youngstah]
f-ck n-gg-, i’m goin bust ya
you goin squeal, n-gg- ain’t tough
ak 47, i’m clutchin
pull up on me, i’m bustin
f-ck a n-gg- up like a russian
imma send a hundred k!llers like a russian
i’m a young black n-gg- livin lugshery
i just blew a hundred thousand on a porsh
i was movin bricks cross the border
i was havin bricks in the toilit
i was ridin coops with them fortchans
i was toating big glocc 40s
my uncle fish told me to cut it
saw the feds pull with the ?
i found myself in a little charge
i was f-ckin on my plug’s daughter
told that f-ck n-gg- wanna go to war
p-ssy n-gg- know i’m a real k!ller
i send them k!llers like a russian
i send your head to your mama
my real n-gg-s k!ll nothin
and i got some real n-gg-s k!llin for the money
tony montana ?
shoot at young n-gg-s, they comin
what you know bout?
what you know bout?
p-ssy n-gg-, you don’t know nothin
f-ck n-gg-, you ain’t never crushed nothin
what you know bout sellin them rocks on that counter
what you know bout having shooters every summer
what you know bout them low numbers
f-ck n-gg-, you don’t know nothin

[verse 2: moneybag yo]
i got hundreds n-gg-, hundreds on a choppa
that’s a hundred on pationts, hundreds on doctors
got that handgun on my waist, but it shoot like a salt rifle
? been here before you ?
i be with them n-gg-s who f-ck sh-t
all they know is if you snitch, then shoot
? talk on the internet
k!ll a n-gg-, ain’t catch a murder yet
all the 5 talkin, you goin get hit
my lil hitta, goin pop ya like a perkesit
know a young n-gg- get it off the ground
n-gg-s saying they got them bricks and them pounds
imma call m, like i need some right now
you get tired, imma lay that -ss down
i ain’t talkin bout no nut, baby, bust it quick
she my lil gangsta b-tch, and she thicker than tessa nicks
it feel good to be black and livin lugshery
like i’m a cloud or something, you n-gg-s look up to me
run up on me, i ain’t boxing
you goin take a couple shots ?
i keep it loud, like the smoke in my gar
hot n-gg-, ridin with them choppas in that car