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lirik lagu johnny get the handcuffs – moon martin


i let a girl disillusion me
big brown eyes and cute as she can be
well i let her take me home
i let her kiss me too
i don’t believe what my baby did to me

johnny get the handcuffs
johnny get the handcuffs
come on do it to me rough
come on do it to me rough
do it, do it, do it to me rough

i turned on my machine
and played my messages back
honey i never knew you could talk like that
you know that this had better stop
or we’ll be breaking up
i dropped the phone when she began to moan

johnny won’t you take me home
i wanna meet your mom and dad
buddy that was the worst
day that i ever had
’cause i when i showed that girl my room
she began to swoon
and roll her eyes and then began to cry