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lirik lagu 10.000 miles away – motley crue


i been drinkin lately girl
you know i’m sick in love
don’t know when i’ll be home
then i see the faces when i’m
standin on the stage
it gets me thru the nights
and when i’m feelin cold…all i have
to do is call
to warn my heart 10,000 miles away
i been feelin low and i really miss
my son
hey boy i’m callin you
when i think about our lives it gets
me thru the nights
adn warm my heart 10,000 miles away
you knew this was a hard life
when you met me
sometimes i can’t feel if it’s night or day
you now i couldn’t trade this baby
if i had to
godd-mn, it’s hard being so in love
it’s true
maybe i’m a gypsy baby livin on stage
something’s i guess will never
never change
girl i know you love me even with
this path i choose
i hear you call mu name
anytime at all, anytime at all
i’ll warm your heart
10,000 miles away