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lirik lagu self-portrait – mountainwalker


who am i what am i when will i realize
how it is and why it is that i came to be alive

[verse 1]
my name is aharon from the tribe of the chosen
other brother of moses drawn from the waters scribe for the father
born in the month of june i look like one but i am really two
you can call me mountainwalker codetalker lifecrosser
i may not except but you can offer i don’t travel with no silver coffers
i’m the slender gypsy in the alley looking at you proudly
as i sing and dance not for money but for honey
not just kinds from honeycombs but quantum roads to lead me home
as i roll with lines to show agreements between me and you
is the glue that guides the galaxy holds weary boots to imagined streets
lifts the wayward when they’re weak so they might see our image speak


[verse 2]
i am the cold sweat of a prisoner soon released
i am the blue hands of dusk calling children home when daylight cease
i am the glorious white veil of bride and groom aligned at stroke of noon
i am a radio candy stick anthem powered by stax soul cake phantom
i am the pilgrims victorious chant at the gates
i am the lost hope that returns to the seeker who humbly waits
i am the waterfall where we first met the snake
i am the ever present choice called faith
i am a patriot for all mankind until the day i die
i wage warfare of another way on another plane i am partially insane
and yet i still remain
i am constantly shifting shape i am elegant egrets of long lost days
i am future children energy in the midst of sunshine games
i am bullets i am rain