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lirik lagu 1000deaths – mozark & d wizard


[verse 1: d wizard]
i just took a leap of faith
i hear voices all around me
think i’m in my sixth sense
haven’t felt the same since
feels like i’m searching for the answers
inside of me but i can’t see the light at the end, let’s make amends
sorry that i made you feel loss
made you toss out all your senses
just to be with me, made you cry
over and over the outcome never changed feelings stayed the same now i’m out here with no thought of you
aftеr a thousand times that you told me
that you love, why couldn’t i
opеn up my mouth?
tell you, “save yourself,” ’cause right now
i’m drowning in my sorrows

[verse 2: d wizard]
this is deeper than love, deeper than death
if i can’t change ways then i’ll be locked away, insane; every day
i keep losing part of me
tryna stay ‘wake in this dream
falling into pieces shatter to the floor
what more could i do than be alone
this world can be so cold
i don’t think it’s worth much more anymore
[chorus 1: d wizard]
if i die a thousand times, would i ever change? would i stay the same?
what is their gain?
i will die a thousand times
just to hear your name

[verse 3: d wizard]
take the blame away
from that day i left you
knowing that my love
turned to grey, it’s fading every day
if i die today, would you still feel the same?
would your love go away?
these feelings i think out loud, use to be proud about how we lived
the ugly and the shame
the hate and the pain
the tears and the shouts
it always felt the same
after i died, i realize that it was gone

[verse 4: mozark]
i was wrong, you was wrong
made this song for you to see me
now we free and strong, we’re on
our way today, every day is not grey, today
we set our time in place, and sp*ce
i’m sorry i left you, without a trace
i’m sorry i couldn’t leave, without grace
my fears were in place, tears falling from face
what could i do but love you, unconditionally, without holding
my feelings set free, see, my love for you binded me and my heart and soul
made me lose control, lose my way to my soul
i lost control of me, i wasn’t free
i couldn’t see
that i died 1000 times, the pain set me free from this time
since i died 1000 times, will you still love me to the end of time?
i don’t know, where i gotta go?
i don’t think it’s worth much more anymore
[chorus: mozark]
if i die a thousand times
would i be the same
what’s their to gain
will i ever you see again