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lirik lagu 2lsi1s – ‘mperuh morepha


(1st verse)
you told me you love me and then you ran away
i told you i loved you and i was here to stay
tried to make things easy, wena, you complicated
every girl that i talk to is seen as an acquaintance
not a friend or somebody i could talk to
please be available when i call you, i want you
that’s what you always say
i made plans with my n*ggas
i can’t come today, d*mn
you get mad
i’m glad we’re over
this was a star
approaching death, call that supernova
dunno who you are, twinkle twinkle little star
i wasn’t one for the vision, my eyes don’t see very far
(2nd verse)
baby girl, we been texting
quit stalling
video calls every day, quit calling
hang up, no, you hang up instead
so i hung up, please text me before you jump into bed
yeah, goodnight, sleep tight and dream about me
i want you to feel on top of the world when you speak about me
you popping champiza, bubbly
preparing a speech about me
talking about how far we’ve come
it’s only the beginning
i’m in this for the win
no losing, i’m afraid to lose you
sounds like a famous line in an old school love song
but we can’t go wrong, right? i hope not
i just want you to be with me until death calls
be with me until death calls
talk about your problems, baby girl, you could vent
or express it in the way that you act, you can break a sweat
it’s entirely up to you, girl, it’s cool
you could let me lead the way, i won’t lead you astray
i’m your easel, your canvas, all you do is paint
can we work as a collective? erase all the pain
free your headsp*ce, let’s run into the rain