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lirik lagu hank hill vs james earl ray – mr. jay (rb)


epic rap battles of history!
james earl ray
hank hill!

[verse 1: james earl ray]
howdy there redneck, you stepped into the wrong ring
i’mma k!ll you like i k!lled martin luther king
stop spreading freakin’ lies, your dog’s mother didn’t k!ll me!
you’re a cartoon, he doesn’t exist, and she’s 13
surprised she hasn’t died yet with her old ass face
you two are alike, you’re so old and outta place!
but that’s okay, it just means your time’s flying
i would say you’re badass, but d*mn i would be lying
your wife peggy looks like a man, she needs to tan
and your son’s a fatass, not eating fruit pies should be his plan!
oh wait, it’s got fruit in it. it must be hеalthy
i am the king of k!lling; you’re the king of jеlly (fat boy)
so listen up, james is taking this battle
you get mad at everything, so for this you’ll probably tattle
arlen texas? that’s not a real nation!
screw your propane, i’m buying from fatherton

[verse 2: hank hill]
from arlen texas, my name is hank hill
my wife’s peggy, my best friends are dale, boomhaure bill
james, you giblet head, i’m gonna kick your ass
it’ll leak so hard people think it’s propane gas
buy from fatherton? go right ahead
when your grill blows up, i’ll be laughing cuz you’re dead
just because i’m from texas means i have to be some sort of redneck?
i’ll chop you up, put you in a bowl, and stir you like chex mix
don’t you ever call my ladybird some foul obscenities
talk about my family, sure, you’ll go to h*ll for sinning
i’m the king of jelly? you’re the king of going to jail
got convicted on your birthday with a 5 million dollar bail
why do you shoot people all because they’re black?
did it make you get hepatitis from getting screwed in the back?
it’s funny that they’d call you james earl ray
but judging how you died, they should call you james earl g*y
[verse 3: james earl ray]
ha! your insults are weak, just like your back
had to get extra cushions for ya non*existing ass

[verse 4: hank hill]
alright, that tears it! you and i gonna rough it up a bit
i’ll punch your grave, cause you went out like a little b*tch

[verse 5: james earl ray]
my coffin would protect me from your weak ass punch
did i tell you that i cooked lady bird for lunch?

[verse 6: hank hill and james earl ray]
alright, that’s it, i’ll leave before i get angr*
you p*ss! shut the f*ck up loser! you’re a loser! here’s my friends

[verse 7: dale, bill, boomhaure, and hank hill]
that’s right b*tch, i’ll take you for a stand
i will kick your little tiny ass with my pocket sand
i may be fat and bald but i at least got a date
you can’t do sh*t. cuz you’re resting in your grave
i tell you what you dang ol little b*st*rd, you’re going to feel my wrath!
you f*ck with hank and you will get blown shot out of your ass!
how would that feel? wouldn’t your ass ring?
think about it, since you shot martin luther king
yup. (x4)
who won?
who’s next?
you decide!
epic rap battles of history!!!!

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