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lirik lagu problem solved – mr. northstar


the f-ck you think this is
i hate to bring this up

i have bad luck
but im alive
so someone gives two f-cks

but i give none
lets have fun

f-ck senior citizens
i got this golden gun

where im from
is only where im at

and where i be is at my house
chipping out
without a doubt

in my mind
im not fine

but this wine
will have me feeling better

in my head
im the biggest loser

but my patience
is keeping me sane

but at the same time
im wanting the world to be mines

im only 20 so i’ve got time

or less than i think

the present is right now
and right now
i got her touching
her head knees
and toes for me

dont be surprised for me
i’ve made it this far by myself

and no one helped
but nrk

so f-ck you others opinions!

i didn’t ask for a mention