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lirik lagu on your own – mree


you were a lucky boy
to see and watch her grow
you were a lucky boy
to know her like they don’t

softly she wept
for the feelings she kept
bottled up inside

with tears in her eyes
from the heat of the lies
burning her up from inside

all she wanted
was someone to value her thoughts
to love her truly
and take her with all of her flaws

i’m starting to think
that from what i can see
that i can’t have my way

at least not here
so while the road is still clear
i’ve got to get out of this place

“farther!” she cried
as she lost and divided herself
from the rest of the world

i’m just not cut out
to fit in with the crowd
i’m ready to hit the road


i hope you regret when i’m gone and i left
that you didn’t say h-llo
all of the while
with no one by her side

so you miss me
but you’re on your own
you’re on your own
you’re on your own