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lirik lagu heart out – muppy


huh, ay
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
ay, ay (f*ck)

[verse 1]
let it up, had enough, hind it up
i don’t back down, i take hit and then i’m backin’ up
[?] ima rack it up
whining like a b*tch when i listen to you
had enough
money is crazy
i don’t get lazy
watch how i take it, it’s pretty good lately
life is amazing but you all amuse me
you’re hanging on loosely
all picky and choosy
you’re fickle and weak
stick it up, living
got food in my t**th
dishing up, filling cups
[?] when i’m in the building
’cause i take it in and i warm in the heat
been born into sleep, time to wake up
and i bought all the sheep
dishing portions
i sold them, they’re ready to eat
and go steady to peace
i’ve been raising myself to be elegancy
what reason is there to be humble
when all of these people just want me to lose?
i just chill and make music
they talking ’bout news
i sit back and refuse
don’t be stacking your views
[?] come from a comfier comfort
now i’m living with my heart out
bark, shout
[?] carved out
talk to me normal, i’ll put you in line
if you’re talking no formal, i’m not with the time
[?] only decline
get back by the bullsh*t
you push it and force it
done with the dirt
[?] burnt
if it gets watered too much
just leave it to soak
oversaturated everything
anything if [?]
nah, that isn’t what i’m about
i’d rather be where you don’t follow a route
you’re all turning heads
now they’re airing me out
and you’re copying trends like you never been out

i took a minute to get it
but now that i got it, i know where i’m going, yeah
i had a chat with a prophet
he told me to stay on the path and it’s snowing
i don’t care about the weather
i don’t care about a catch
i don’t care about a b*tch
and i don’t care about this
and i don’t care about that

[verse 2]
educate yourself
stop waiting ’round
i’ve taken down your name
it’s drought
[?] bad energy
i had everything
[?] unsettling
stop waiting around
our bodies end in the ground
we’re taking living for granted
you’re only seeing it now