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lirik lagu 18 w/a bullet remix – murs


(verse 1)see my life is like a song, i just don’t know the words so as i try to hum along people say that im disturbed stare and call me a loon, say im singin’ out of tune but my musics got direction so i know wut im doin’, don’t know where im goin’ but i got to keep movin’ even if my next step is obscure by the present gotta find the next rung on the stairway to heaven, walkin as an mc or do i dare the word, spreadin’ love through this music is the gospel of a legend all i ask is the open ear and mind of my regimen, for the purpose of the session is to make the troubles fade away, lay back and relax and let this music make your day, it takes about as much effort as it did to make this place so go ahead and close your eyes let your mind fade your craters keep the rythm to your dreams so u can’t run away, there’s a song in every heart so please beleive me wen i say,
(chorus)everywhere you go you hear, music, you feel it in your soul once you, do it, so if u want to roll you can, do it, just open up ur heart listen, through it, every where you go,
(verse 2)see my life is like a song and i think i know the words, and as i start to sing along the whole verse becomes a blur, so i freestyle improv, make mistakes and evolve, the obstacles repeat ’cause naturally you revolve, it takes one skip to trip and wreck your whole room, the metronome is swingin’ right in tune with your mood, so keep a positive mind try to keep it up tempo, ninety three bpm’s just seems real simple, it takes a real pro to know how to move his crowds, pour bacardi up once the heart is to keep arroused, sometimes life will hit you just to try to get you down so heres some jewels from my crate that’ll make it turn around, you gotta learn your sound and love your voice, go with what u feel, don’t regret your choice, just make your next move dig deep and blend with it, destiny’s a twelve inch and it’s all in how u spend it,
(verse 3)see my life is like a song and i do know the words, they’ve been written on my palms i just can’t read the curves, ’cause the language has been forgotton so im plottin’ my own course, i get a mic for every digit if reviewed in the source, ’cause my song is a cl-ssic and there’s not one like it, i just need an engineer that could run around and mic it, or maybe get a ghostwriter, what most call a psychic, but it wouldn’t be my song if i let them recite it, plus god’s an anr and he’s givin’ out bills to all us up and coming artists who show true skill, executive producin’ is what we want to loosen, and every artist gets his fifteen minutes to be a nuisance, and then they’re played out im hopin’ for a fade out, so i could say what i have to say on my way out, and they say every great hit song is three minutes, so try to make it count so when you bounce they’re still spinnin’,

(spoken)yo we gotta keep movin’ on ’cause im seein’ people and they’re not ready to roll, d-mn, you gotta celebrate, you gotta understand, you gotta be a part of, music, music, music….yo and just remember, this is a legendary moment brought to you by murs