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lirik lagu b.l.a.k culture – musab


[verse 1: musab]
it means a lot for brothers like me to be successful
handling business managing things i know that’s stressful
provide intellect and guidance through out the mental violence in the industry
nothing is what it’s meant to be
i calculate facts by visual prospect common sense and n-ggas in the mix (?)
that’s why my context is fully established
its invalid for me to fall
f-ck record ratings, rhymesayers can do it all
we install wisdom in the product, before we let it go
and any other bullsh-t is hypothetical
so i’m inscribing music to keep you vibin’
lyrics over phat tracks ant be providin’
so hide when you see this twin cities roma
appear on the spot with a bottle of arizona
cooling out relaxing holding a war with one hand on my b-lls
never showing tentacle flaws

[hook: slug]
life, love, stress, and set backs
life, love, stress, and set backs
life, love, stress, and set backs
for those trying to breathe, show me where your heads at

life, love, stress, and set backs
life, love, stress, and set backs
life, love, stress, and set backs
for those trying to breath, show me where your heads at

[verse 2: musab]
arise daily to the sun rays and hear about gun sprays on television
children on montel williams are being displayed as cavities in the community
cops they wanna ruin me, what the f-ck can they do to me?
no longer hustling to make a fast dollar
god rented me talent
now i use it to the rock the microphone in the studio with the a.n.t
f-ck the people who think i’m slacking cause that’s the way it be
sometimes i’m thinking to myself, should i face it?
black people can only do sports and entertainment
but f-ck that, cause that’s a low life’s motto
even though the twins don’t got the problems of chicago
but who wants that sh-t?
brothers with sense are the cause
black culture is more than selling drugs at house parties
really we ain’t got no culture
took advantage of em
cause some of africa
don’t even like black americans


[verse 3: musab]
i’m chilling at the crib drinking ice tea
then my cousin knowledge mc calls up to invite me to do a freestyle take
stress is in the crates
while we grab the microphone and blast those who get it straight
this is how its done
children of david son’s trying to put the family piece together to make it one
so i vibe and strive with pressure
becomes applied to the self esteem
seems that wealth is just a dream
but i know i’m able
so i refuse to let the day go
fly without progress
sh-t pays so why stress?
i know i got talent to do this
so maybe later on i’ll be a collegiate student
illegal movement is not the life i wanna lead
just cause children of all races are suffering from greed
love my seed
so i feed on wisdom
it takes the b-lls of ya
so we never falter
and black culture


[outro: slug & musab]

respect that

yo dealing with life during this turmoil on earth
i just want you to know
i ain’t represent no gangsta sh-t
i ain’t trying to be righteous
and i ain’t tryin’ to be some hardcore motherf-cka that don’t never smile
f-ck that
i’m just myself
that’s what you oughta be