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lirik lagu 16 – mustie



i’m scared of dying, man, life’s a joke
filled my lungs and brain with the smoke
died once and came back to life
scrambled my brain like a yolk

too bevved, they thought i was dead
two ivs and a hospital bed
should’ve seen their faces, gave the ‘rents a fright
and now i’m scared to sleep at night

every time i close my eyes to kip
skin crawls and my stomach flip
and when i wake up, only thank
whatever the f*ck didn’t let me slip
in to the empty end, yeah it’s black
no white light and yeah, that’s a fact
every day’s just another sorry f*cking story ending in a panic attack

ain’t nothing gonna save me
ain’t no one gonna save me
ain’t god gonna save me
but i gotta die bravely (x2)

what the f*ck, did you think i was kidding?
at the time i couldn’t face living
but when i squared up and faced the truth
i was a soothsayer, a liberal youth

i’ve jumped the line and seen the other side
i ain’t lying it’s one h*ll of a ride
this life started out of my control, gone soul
beat down self i’m beside

my brain did me in and f*cked me over
i’m on mars like a f*cking rover
dream big, bigger than life
white lines like the cliffs of dover

live fast, until it’s over
don’t need your luck and your four*leaved clover
i’m gonna have fun when i get older
i only wanna rest when my breath gets colder


every story comes to an end
nature’s a b*tch, she ain’t your friend
don’t wanna come across like i’m on a mend
cos my mind’s still brittle, it’ll snap if i bend

but i’m better now, and these pills are working
(are they?)
bright lights but the demon’s lurking
in the back corner of my dark mind, confined
but i can still see him smirking

yeah i’m still learning
work hard, yeah i’m still earning
want more, i’m always yearning
move fast like my feet are burning

cos i’ll climb, climb, climb all the way to the top
get higher every time i drop
i’ll be speeding past more red lights than dam cos i’ll be d*mned if i ever stop


triple six, s66
speaking in tongues just for the kicks
throw satanic verses in the mix
i don’t do prim, proper post*politics

i’m not crazy, i’m just too d*mn woke
when you speak, i already spoke
i’m climbing ladders and these hoes are spokes
i’m real as f*ck, i don’t buy your hoax

cannaseur, cos i like the strains
breaking chains and i’m pulling strings
spoke like a proverb, yeah, i like sayings
i’m a young messenger screen, i’m displaying

what i learned, at 16 years
didn’t fit in with my peers
washed away all the salty tears
times have changed and now you celebrate queers

think i give a f*ck about your fears?
prioritise, clean your ears
i got them paying in arrears
i’m part of a movement, we’re pioneers