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lirik lagu 100 proof – muze sikk


i don’t wanna wait no more
i know it’s getting late you should go
tell me what you want i wanna know
but if you wanna stay then lemme know

i feel you running through my veins
deja vu
but it feels brand new baby
hop off in the coup switch lanes
riding all night
catch a lift take flight

and we’re running out of time
if i lose you i’ll lose my mind
couldn’t refuse you i knew i eyed your lies lies lies

and there’s nothing left to try
your too aloof you elude my mind
100 proof get loose
moon shine shine shine
shine on

woke up in the morning
with a fresh coat of dew
this that c*ckpit pop clip boss spit
they don’t wanna
they ain’t gonna
they ain’t moving true
they pour up a handle
i just ante up
and move

yeah this be that soul that you seek
take flight
slop the “f” off
rolly on my right hand
diamonds in my ice
they get left like i never left
all the west they done swept
on my airiness

im errorless
i assist if you need a wrist
take a hint
if you didn’t
then you missing what i meant
i’m mint
heaven sent and devilish
i never said i’m which
so just ride around and swish if your throwing up your sense

shine on
never taking time off
never faking never mind
line fine
living to walk it
sticking to flossing
up your conscience
this is knowledge
for all those who acknowledge
this my calling


child on a mission
my vision is sure
mystical renditions intrinsic and pure
business efficient
i’m different for sure
type to go the distance
ambition to score

swishing in your
defensive end
i’m so offensive
i’m playing to win
never saying i ain’t saying i what i’m saying again
line fine
so fine you better watch where you is