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lirik lagu 0 to greatness – mwtg (mike will the great)


i put my hood on like mr martin, (trayvon)
since i b with the saint ima jungle target
so that lion on hip it’ll get to roarin’, (bomb)
pipe on the lincoln sound like its thunder stormin’, (vroom)
flights in and out of town b-tches think i’m tourin’, (fly)
labels sleepin on me f-ck em let em keep snorin’, (b-tch)
n-gga ballin like kawhi im a keep scorin’, (balling)
black & gray mike’s i’m just tryna’ rep b00bie, (r.i.p breed)
my n-gga trippin’ actin’ different god free bookie, (free him)
u never know what a n-gga goin’ thru, (never)
stay prepared never know what n-ggas gone do
livin in a era where n-ggas a worldstar you, (worldstar)
coming from a city where n-ggas a broad day shoot, (bomb)
gotta’ stay low like tires on crome 22’s
it’s a drill my lil n-ggas coming thru mopstick hangin’ out the window wet the whole crew
never been a b-tch just lil quiet
30 start talkin’ n-ggas gone riot
money mean nothin to rich n-gga, (body)
power mean nothin to a street n-gga, (body)
only real n-ggas get that, (get that)
happy b day 2 my n-gga jack, (stick money)
he prolly somewhere gettin off’a flat, (high)
i’m just inna lab tryna put da town onna map, (saints)
i’m heat like a furnace n-gga, (burning)
burn beats like a bad cook, (f-ck em)
a vegetarians beefin a bad look, (b-tch)
cuz u hate the t-tle don’t make it bad book
whole squad on dat only 4 the real sh-t
i b in da field off da oil on that drill sh-t
my life a motion picture check the reel b-tch
n-ggas goin’ fishin’ i just deal sh-t
1 tray buck buck how i feel to they k!ll me