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lirik lagu don’t blame the kids – mystery weekend


[verse 1]
i remember when i first saw the decline
i paid twenty dollars for a one song record
’cause all those useless middle men just needed to get paid
it’s so often over sight
but it’s not like it happened over night
major music chains shoved a god d-mn dagger in music’s heart
and that’s not the worst part

don’t be surprised
when you push someone they might punch you in the face
who said f-ck the major music chains
f-ck the whole d-mn place
and now within the big collapse
from kids on the internet
but it’s carpet great tyranny
and in all this sh-t guess who’s wet?
so f-cking wet

so they hacked us all to bits
and they sold us off for parts
but they saved a couple heads
that were still climbing the charts
they dusted off their resumes
for crazier companies
who could benefit from their experience
of extract-fully exploiting consumers

won’t be surprised
f-ck the entire music industry