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lirik lagu 2012 uk rap up – mystro


eh yeah like uk rap up ting yeah
la*la*la*la*la*la*la*la*la*la*la*la it’s the uk rap up (mysdiggi)
la*la*la*la*la*la*la*la*la*la*la*la it’s the uk rap up

so as the new wages end, it’s time that i remind you what of you ain’t remembered
they said the last 3 years i said it well here’s the official uk rap up for 2012

the year sure came in heavy but nothing like russell brands pockets when he divorce katy perry
tho we learnt a bunch of things we didn’t need to know like harvey and his fake claims of sleeping with cheryl cole (yeah right)
seems like he just wanted to stack mils and maybe help out on miquita olivers bank bills
while the planets pointed at one direction
we had julie begging for some protection
rebecca brooks treatment if the cops get him
maybe he should be screaming for that dog fettem
we saw some days of blatant disorder like that news conference scuffle between david haye and chisora
but then haye went from making a statement to any doubt is near to saying i’m a celebrity get me out of here
he had his fans all thinking that he won that i guess it kinda went down like ricky hatton’s comeback
there’s more that i believe you should know but first of all where mi keys where mi phone
david cameron dropped a bagalaba that had us thinking man i bet he’s lying
he’s probably one of them lot that spot the ess*x lion
plan b showed his ill manors
and calvin harris had a good year proving he still matters
adam deacan won a bafta, idris elba a golden globe
and i got some overpriced tickets to see the rolling stones
that didn’t bother me at all tho
their performance was way better than england at the euros
but as you can see everyone was truly pleased to take days of work to celebrate the queen’s jubilees
i heard the show was through the roof
but no one maneuvered thru like grace jones using her hula hoops
as if you needed to see that
we said farewell to both blue peter & ceefax
when westwood got the sacking it was surprising i’m sure if he ever forgets tho mic righteous will remind him
they said music sales were slowly going up now
was this the overcome of megaupload shutdown
dian albert coulda been wiser
that was awkward like boris johnson looked on the zipwire
which leaves to the olympics
big respect to team gb, you know they really did the business
had london 2012 vibe higher?
specially when they introduced free wifi on the tube
and for that heavy ceremony danny boyle gets a bigup
unlike whoever caused that korean flag mixup
i’m still surprised people thought there’ll be a fight
when we drafted in the army so security was tight
bradley wigans won a gold a tour de france and made it clear that he was nice on the wheels just like david
not forgetting jessica ennis or the grandslammer andy murray for getting his medal in tennis
saw our very own win with a passion like anthony joshua to greg rutherford and nicola adams
and mo farah showed the no bouts
man they even had usain bolt doing the mobot
more involved got the country plenty attention
shout to all the volunteers there’s too many to mention
but as some are still waiting and wondering where their tickets are
others are aavoiding their taxes like jimmy carr
celebrity big brother was a mess
ees welch couldn’t help but get things off her chest
we saw doc brown series on the bbc
and people just doing nothing on the tv screen
reggie yates and chris moyles left radio 1
and lowkey quit saying he’s done (i hope not)
while everyone and their mum was instagramming paint try
prince harry was getting naked out in stateside
like his that got him bare attention
nearly more than prince will and kate now that they’re expecting
like adele she had the year to naturally prove that she’s a winner
6 grammies, 2 brits and a middle finger
rangers got stripped and sent to the bottom
and prince charles was presenting the weather in scotland
tories did nothing for a lot of dough
whilst bernin eccleston was tryna turn london into monaco
50 shades of grey had women thinking many wrong thoughts
and lady leshurr ended up taking a very long walk
the pope joined twitter like ‘hey man it’s worth a try’
and man city stole the title in fergi time
before we learnt banks colaborate fixes
example managed to upset the whole town of wigan
rooney broke a kid’s arm with a free kick
rodigan won a mbe, a cup clash then had to leave kiss
wiley got a number 1 that caused a heatwave
and t4’s done but no one cares about that these days
finally we got the hills borough verdict
yeah they took their time but still it was worth it
for fam and friends someone’s death is very challenging
so condolonses to those close to jerry anderson
we lost some uk legends that’s for sure
rest in peace to bob holness, frank russ & patrick moore
where none were having it from samantha brick
old school celebs were getting hit with the savile stick
that dude went from getting rated to slated
you think i’m saying anymore on that, you’re basic
there’s better news to rundown quick but wait a second let me ‘have a*have a look at this £1 fish’
londons got a cable card that caused a mass amount of dough
all we need now is a ski snow mountains and the snow
the welsh rugby team added to their grand slam par
while every one else was tryna do the gangnam style
the real sugababes were formed to be seen again
like s club 7…. only now there’s just 3 of them
and if you think that’s crazy then take this is the new governor of the bank in england is canadian
yeah that’s ridiculous but remember when a certain girl showed you how to get a head by giving it
won the un*beweaveable award when she bleached her head
and fhm called her the… (oi mys leave it yeah)
after that madness with tulisa, twitter had us witness k koke turn down dappy for a feature
rita ora came through to show she’s hot right now
but rob kardashian said ‘she took her job lying down’
twitter beef had half of the whole scene from wiley vs. semtex and akala vs. pro green
we heard about plenty relationships that must’ve been rotten
no still and had it?
john terry lost his captain seat left us all disgusted
but we glad that stephen lawrence’s k!llers all got brought to justice (rest in peace)
in any case through any tension that’s building up
let’s try and do like rudimental and feel the love
and all the years and the months gone quickly
it’s still hard to believe james bond is only 50
still she came through to let us know what’s happening
and let’s salute tony d now you’re the don’t flop champion
angel came through with a debut that was wonderful
and showed heart
but that note shout out frabreeze nowomba 2
from geordie shore to the valley let’s keep it humble there’s no need to panic like helen flanagan in the jungle
as you can see it’s been a fun*filled year
we misinterpreted the myers everyone’s still here
and like the hackney weekender let’s create more special times
and come back down to earth like the red bull guy
to ease your mind from any tension
you should get my album mystrogen it’s only right it gets a mention
if you wanna live the dream it’s time to let the world see
welcome to 2013