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lirik lagu 0 to 100/the catch up (n/a remix) – n/a music group


part i – 0 to 100

these people they be havin’ no chill
where the conglomerates at? this the real deal
you gotta respect my craft cause i’m real mad
calm down dropped went 0 to 100
real fast

(verse 1: aly)
this one’ll drop like your hearts in your legs
you gon’ step on’em then beg my -ss for amends
unluckily for you, i’m all outta duct tape
so i’ma add insult to injury, snap out, and bust a grape
bust a buster when he be acting phony (phony)
no support was shown when i thought they was a homie, ha
see what we do, is ride or die for our peers
but what are we to do when peers become queers?
i just referenced watch your back, n-gga (nikka)
cause i f-cked up your career
or should i saw caweew, as if i got a lisp?
half of my vocabulary is on your wishlist
i’ma sting like a b when you can’t c cause a
i’m a rapper, and 2, f-ck this irony
i’m not pretending to be the no. 1 in your world, but in mine
i’m a master of my words (yeah)
i’m antidisestablishmentarianism (what?)
which means, i’m unf-ckwittable
like utopianism perfection (perfection)
i’m unaffected by your corny -ss affection
my brain’s got an erection (f-ggot) cause i’m sapios-xual
you lack good judgment, a conceptual metros-xual

(verse 2: bil)
and they try to question my endowment (endowment)
i am the best and my words are the endors-m-nt (endors-m-nt)
my craft is wide flourishing like a ambient
man i’m heaven sent no reverend to pretend that i ain’t the chosen one
no psychic scent cause truly i am heaven sent
man i be going on delivering rhymes sicker than std patients
they keep commenting on my sh-t not giving me the chance to do my craft
what happened to patience?
man this is where i came from
to the top is where i go
i ain’t gonna be stopped not even by a leg opened ho
i got sh-t to focus on that mean more
one day i’ll be travellin’ just to make a show, oh lawd
i got it in me i know
i’ll do all that i can and more i’d walk through the desert sea snow
i heard that they wanna stop me, yeah?!
when it comes to hearing negativity call me kikazaru
rap is my sh-t and for it i’d ride and die too
not a gang affiliated member nor a piru
but my rap’s for a rapslap
sh-t’s abstract with a twist, a fantasy yet a fact between my ears
sacred i call it intact
rhyme master a pro of my act, that’s a fact
i’m fresher than the fall, no leaves attached
i’m all alone till the crack of dawn
cause being no.1 means no one’s around you
they started copying some of my sh-t but b-tch i found you
and i funded that inspiration that got you to rhyme on a beat cause i’m a rap geek
if that’s what you wanna call me
my pen is my weapon
you can go cry to your priest to drop some verses
cause my bars will close your doors, annihilate you
you can call yourself deceased (x3)

procrastination of your annihilation filled with aspiration
the gasping of your last breath inhaling the depressive thoughts dilating
dialing the hotline to heaven, no one’s answering
even the angels are not picking up your life’s done, time’s up
but hol’ up, this sh-t’s far from over
ain’t no holding back, we’re coming back for that rebound
ricochetting off off your -sses you hating motherf-ckers
venting this anger back at your direction

part ii – the catch up

(verse 3: bil)
yeah, n/a
they try to pull me down
not knowing that they are the fuel that’s raising the fire inside me
i’ve been hardworking long hours even my family can’t sight me
it’s not about me
one day it will
but i’m on the road, i’m not talking the highway cause i’d like to take secured steps
on the highway if you get hit that’s one h-ll of a crash
but the top is where i go
they’ll hit the repeat b-tton like it awards free cash
i admit
i did wrong like on hip-hop; i overdid the scratch like that track had h-ll of a rash
but you need to understand
it was my first track
of course i was nervous; you can call me an amateur
but man i’m evolving
till one day i’ll reach that status of an influential rapper
then your life i’ll be involving
my life is a puzzle, that’s what i’m trying to be solving (x3)

(verse 4: aly)
you think you know… hip-hop
the struggle is the realest thing that’s out there
not your average 9 to 5 with regular payday
definitely not your insipid state of security and regular entertainment
but my love is undeniable, man
i’m keep evolving, till i run out of breath
for evolution is infinite, and
eternity ain’t enough
forgive my mistakes
you don’t know what’s at stake here
you got no idea what it’s like to feel failure at what you do best
i’m infinite
won’t you ponder that till you get the gist of it? yeah