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lirik lagu dynamite – nacho picasso


[verse 1: nacho pic-sso]
i’m a star, f-ck stardom
woke up with a hard on and had to check for car bombs
make em out like zardon, copy me like carbon
i don’t need to diss em, i just disregard em
i told a girl she’s special, but i just meant r-t-rded
everybody dies, guess life is like departed
you can be dicaprio, but i’mma marky mark it
my father wanted anarchy, i finish what he started
my skin is missing pigment cause i am so black-hearted
hopped up out the car, levi’s sagging
your flow won’t get you far like aladdin
quarterback vision, but i am no madden
chick laying under god’s sun like she tanning
and when we in aspen the snow’s in our cabin
her ex is abandoned like don’t let brad in
i’m feeling like zeus, “release the kraken!”

[verse 2: nacho pic-sso]
growing up on the block i perched
i used to sell c0ke but i’d rather sell merch
i typed in “big b00bs” and a n-gga hit search
ain’t answer when you rang cuz a n-gga ain’t lurch
the devil ain’t to blame but a n-gga need church
poppin’ pills, purple powder like something’s gotta work
and i’m looking for a cougar, her grandma likes to flirt
and they tell me that i’m paranoid, i say i’m just alert
i look like mr. clean but i’m always doin’ dirt
and i feel like rob and big cuz i’m always doing work
your girlfriend wanna slurp, and wake up with a smirk
she said her dude’s a twirp and she’d rather date a jerk
and i’m the son of zeus, but no i’m not herc
i just ate a brownie and popped another perc
i’m on her head like bounties like anything will work
everybody’s on my case and i’m hoping i concur, god