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lirik lagu to tomorrow – najee the 1


[verse 1: najee]
yeah naj 2es nitty scott mc
yo i’m overlooking the city the city
a scent of that sour starts my new day
life’s in a new stage got a new mind frame
looking back on the road on which i came
caught flat tires but refrained from the side lane
pride kept me in overdrive
reside in the part of town you’re known to die
never hide face fear eye to eye
all the time hands up cause you gotta fight
some rose out of here the rest felt victim
and me i’m in between heaven and h-ll’s kitchen
trying to find balance within the misfits
i got good intentions
i mean n0body’s sinless
life’s a game i’m here win it while i’m in it
pride and my b-lls if i said then i meant it
the past has p-ssed now let’s get it
yo here’s a toast to new beginnings

[hook: najee & nitty scott, mc]
catch me heavy sipping bottle after bottle
we cork popping dedicated to tomorrow
may yesterday’s nightmares bring forth dreams
and may last night’s struggle bring forth cream
yeah yeah yeah it’s time to get it
now here’s a toast to new beginnings

[verse 2: nitty scott, mc]
misery loves company so you can call me lonely
inhabiting the island of coney and i’m only
5’2 but i’m higher than you
tiny and mighty when she thought of highly like aphrodite
trying to solve the blindness cooking something timeless
my generation on my back these other n-ggas spineless
but these words can only help you if you’re ready to receive them
so believe them i seek to be like god i guess that makes me odd
skip the fm straight to your ipod
it’s one love your heart’s strings i tug
keep up cause we on hip hop and other drugs
see i been to the bottom so i’m looking at the top
now you wanna pit stop in my thoughts and shop
young skin new sound old soul
ill mind real grind so raw
fame is fickle so i strive to make a statement
ain’t gotta sign the dotted line to feel like i’ve made it
if hip hop died well welcome the replacement
i’m changing entertainment with my ear to the pavement


[bridge: najee]
yeah naj 2e’s nitty scott mc
and this is our toast to ya’ll
for prosperity success health and happiness
so let’s pop the corks lets pour these gl-sses
and this one’s gonna go out to you to you to you
i don’t really know you but to you too