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lirik lagu 13 copps – nastii


f*ck a n*z*
but we turn yo block to kristalnacht
and imma dap these b*tches
with a jack boot to they grave plot
got an attitude lil big shot
talking wild get a big shot
i got homies that’ll clip ya tie ya body in a big knot
they copy cats when i see my sons i turn to saturn
everybody got they motives and to them you just a ladder
why u asking me for sh*t i’m not a genie
f*ck alladin
we gon hunt you in the daylight
catching prey like we was rabid
not the same
i always stood on my own
yeah that’s ya girl but when shes out she never ask you to go
she bad as f*ck her body fire like joan
yeah you can keep on f*cking talking imma show you all the sh*t that she had sent to my phone
i’m p*ssing on you b*tches
either urinal or porta*potty
beat the p*ssy up
she call it crane d*ck like it know karate
u know everybody smell like bacon
when u burn they body
ill give you a chance if
u still wrecking shawty
i’m just playing dirty b*tches not my speed
they prolly gimme lice
i’ll give u sum advice
just quit while u behind im being nice
they sweeping streets at night
you hear a knock you better clean the site
if they can’t find receipts
the sentence gon be light
unless it’s white
and i been going crazy
locked inside of my head
drugs got me thinking bout sh*t that
i’d rather forget
then again i know without it
to myself i’m a threat
i just hope i got enough to save my moms the expense
they taxing heavy for the box
and even more for me to have a spot
it got me hot
they sell us
making money off the prison shops
and they dont give a f*ck they find another when the body drops
so when i see a cop
that sh*t synonymous with f*cking opp
cut em like its surgical
lucky u still vertical
ping u like the radar
does to nuclear submersibles
and then electrocute like there’s a short across the terminals
knock your f*cking top off
turn an opp to a convertable