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lirik lagu on the radar freestyle – nasty c


[intro: gabe p]
yes sir baby, on the radar radio freestyles
yo, nasty c in the building, south africa in the building
i’ma step out, he gon’ step in to k!ll this sh*t alright
let’s go

[verse: nasty c]
hey, hey
i got haters to sh*t on, planes to get on
dames to hit on, flames spit on
i got rings, watches, chains to fit on
first i got slept on, then i got a bag now your boy get sit on
you see the sun been up we just f*cking up the light bill now ’cause boy we’ve been on
her ass too flat i put myself in the friend zone
you would think i’m in love with jennifer aniston how i keep putting my friends on
i get up on a daily, grind hard cause i only got me to depend on
she go down on the daily calling me god like girl you don’t have to offend god
she’s a winning a race, first place then that n*gga a gone boy
put these sold out dates in their face cause they say that we can’t tour
gotta watch for the fakes and the snakes, better get you a lawn mower
boy you said you would take my place, how long you
been singing that song for?
back to back the mercedes are convoy
stand on top of the business, parkour
“ayo c, are you straight?” i’m straight but they wish i would talk more
time to take this sh*t off to the top floor
they used to ignore it’s nice time
why that man keep saying on god, he bringing the lord into his lies, man
d*mn, we could have been superstars
man, ivyson sh*t my religion
see when you met me i was down but right now
i’m up except i’m inside up, yup
from the couch to a king size, yup
diamonds fighting i’m ringside yup
it was bread and polony every day
mix it up with the french fries, yup
now i’m one of the big guys, yup
i f*ck the biggest b*tch in here
give a f*ck about my d*ck size, yup
cartier frames i see pink skies, yup
26 ties yup
what you know about motion?
sip and ski by the ocean
sip and ski on a boat
you n*ggas ain’t got motion
i was down but right now
i’m up except i’m outside, yup
i got haters to outshine, yup
i’m gonna go, ain’t no stop sign, yup
and i come from the south side, yup
i was lit before i got signed, yup
i got up and i got mine up
i f*ck the wokest b*tch in here
‘give a f*ck about her star sign, yup
i’ll touch her where the sunshine, yup
i like them fun size, yup
i like them plus size, yup
i hit it one time, yup
i double back sometime, yup
depend on her trunk size, yup
i was down but right now i’m up
ivy son