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lirik lagu the vibe – nate schultz


[verse 1]
you better not wake me up from this dream
look i know i’m awake but i won’t hesitate til i get what i need (what you doing?)
creeping on the come up, working hard on the sundown til the sun up
give it everything i got, backyard legend from the hood
atlanta am i better than you thought
one thing that y’all could bank on is i’ll stay true to me
i’m just a kid in the neighborhood roaming around while i write what i see
and i’m keeping it real, you know the deal
switch up the flow and let me hit em with a sk!ll
i’m feeling better than ever baby you know i keep it chill
i got a wicked way to k!ll an instrumental when i’m feeling it for real

[hook x3]
vibe with me when you need to calm down
hide in your headphones and float around

[verse 2]
it’s 4 o’clock now, in seven hours i’ll be heading to the studio
man i’ve been doing that a lot now
whipping through atlanta with the top down
shawny on the wheel
it’s kind of funny that we ’bout to make a living off the lyrics that i jot down
rock now, kind of like dwayne, bumping 1994 again
all my homies loving it and repping it
i reckon i’ll be stepping to the mic to make it evident i’ll take over the game
anyway we finish at the studio and head over to jimmy john’s, get a bite to eat
and then we chill at shawn’s, make another beat for me to k!ll i’m on a roll
got a whole lot of people that be feeling on the way that i’ve been doing it
i do it for the town, k!ll it every time i come around
backyard kids from the neighborhood
making good music and i know you feel it now
(it’s different, it’s unique, it sounds good)

[hook x3]
vibe with me when you need to calm down
hide in your headphones and float around