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not fakin’ it – nazareth lyrics


“not fakin’ it”

slim jim was a stool pidgeon
on the payroll of the f.b.i.
reverend fred sold instant religion
with a license from the man in the sky
billy the kid was a gunslinger
edgar wallace was a dead ringer
me, i’m just a rock’n’roll singer

keyhole pete was a keen watcher
had a telephoto lens in each eye
jack the ripper was a cool stalker
but his birds no longer fly
james joyce was a mudslinger
jesus christ was a forgiver
me, i’m just a rock’n’roll singer

i’m not fakin’ it
foolin’ myself that i’m makin’ it
i’m not fakin’ it

tricky d-cky was a fast talker
but his promises were always a lie
nostradamus was a doomwatcher
predicted when we’re gonna die
cleopatra was a love giver
jesse james was a born killer
me, i’m just a rock’n’roll singer

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