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lirik lagu 223 – ncg madmax


(run that back carl)

stop all that flexin, you cap, you ain’t livin like that
i ain’t gotta drop the addy b*tch you know where i’m at
on the percs moving slow like a n*gga got fat
lil bro got a cutter, stick, baseball bat
you cap, finna knock off your hat
reach in my pocket i pull out a stack
i’m a real 6 baby from the hood that’s a fact
this some real hood sh*t, put a n*gga in the air, blimp
your og a lame, wimp
used to eat noodles now it’s steak, shrimp
quick to slap a hoe like a motherf*ckin pimp
laws hit the block, hit the gas, imma dip
treat your b*tch like a corn me and jay trynna flip
bet a n*gga get k!lled when they give me the tip
why you hit pushups? i don’t care if you steel
in the hood ima stomp out an opp, came
hop out the tahoe, flames
free king day, we ain’t givin no names
in the bentley coup with your main hoe gettin brain
in the hood two hoes jasmine, alex
came from the hood really slept on pallets
get you ass k!lled, first 48 dallas
i be fresh than a b*tch i don’t ever need a stylist
it’s crazy how everybody gangster
quick to rob a new n*gga we ain’t cool with no strangers
i’m a real hot head, need to work on my anger
lil memme will hop out the cut with that banger
real freak b*tch take a shot with no chaser
nda savage gon slide dvd
free chaddyblood he was speakin to tdc
smokin on gas and you smokin on cbd
quick to k!ll a rap n*gga call his ass eazy*e
my young n*gga nine, but he on them perc*10s
on the block with the gang strapped up, kendrick perkins
if she give good head, might buy her a birkin
don’t stop shakin ass lil b*tch keep twerkin
i done hopped in the foreign, i can’t stop swervin
walk down and start shootin like i’m julius erving
i’m from stop 6 got a white hoe in irving
i put on that mask all my n*ggas start purgin
strapped in this b*tch, bad boys 3
i’ll k!ll a n*gga sister if he rat on me
imma slide on an opp till the lack on e
walk in the club with a stack on me
kenny might fall, sip lean not a cruise
kenny b got a chop shooter opp, call us boujee
you would of thought i was a sub, walk in with a ruler
all this ice on my neck, came in with a cooler
i’m a player young n*gga, get racks from a cougar
aks and big glocks no we don’t do the roovers
in the hood catch a play like i play for the sooners
k!ll a n*gga leave him dead have him smelling like tuna
in the hood, taliban, never change gang, isis
sticked up with the gang imma drive with no license
imma f*ck on that hoe one time no wife’n
she gon cheat on her n*gga, save my number, another triffle
kick a b*tch out, make her walk like she hiking
my b*tch got a strap and a perc like she dykin
making this song, get shot while your typing
freaky lil b*tch eat the d*ck up ice cream
im trynna come up big, hit a l!ck, hundred bands
trynna scam me a f*ck n*gga come up money man
imma hang out the window make an opp do the running then
put hoes in a jank hoe, f*ck n*gga stumblin
p*ssy ass n*gga know what the f*ck goin on
never change gang, double*s 6
free king day, free bigchaddy
uh uh
stop 6 baby, let’s get it