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lirik lagu black gold – negus gama


[verse 1: negus gama]
right back i never switch up i pack that heat you freeze up
crowns and glory on my mind fast forward black gold makes you rewind
introducing n e to the g u s
sp*ce then g a to the m a i’m a g you check
check the technique from these two tec’s
this is an unusual musical funeral for those falling i’m balling
calling for more cheese please i’ll rearrange outdated games
tour for fees’ with ease i’m able k!lling like i’m cain
rap like crack get it bracking mandem act i take action
king kiss the ring in a minute and i mean it still the meanest with it still watеrs run deep still what your favourite rapper fears bеfore he goes to sleep
real life boogeyman came to boogey fam resurrected
peep game take a step back and respect it retested
this for the ones who never made it heal nations spread inspiration stay focused and open hoping even if i stop they’ll forever play it
tryna spread love to the children before the system he k!ll them
guns’ everyday but we heal them cause we’ve seen the pain and we feel them
black gold if you’re african like royalty for your loyalty and
socially you’re bright magic then facts told you’re so ambient
bantu knots beautiful queen its’ kindness lets have tolerance
the kind less left with no defence bantu king beautiful dream
lucid see by having faith in god and we could observe the balance
luckily haters playing fate is odd so they won’t inherit the palace
face it faces pass racism said millions come from my slaves
die thrown deep into high waves rather have 5g from my cave
wake up feeling like i’m adam knowing i can do what i fathom blasting beats out the cave then i eat what i crave then i’m ghost in my phantom
spread the truth to you black boy you’re the youth not a black toy
not energy spreading hate like enemy of the state
for you bright black girls cold white man’s world
interjection before depression peace and society not anxiety
double feeling chasing a couple millions wake up get your hustle up
shake up test your muscle up go universal big star by far
all for the african continent i’ll let the truth release spread unity black gold nation collaboration for this african confidence
rap ruler like mansa musa foretold seeking my gold
mad future the baddest tutor feel brand new stack up build value
shift lift minds gems as a gift folding hems on the fabric of life clothed in efforts report support negativity a tactic of strife
i’m new power from bulawayo need my benz in zimbabwe
in the zone floating from home for the flag brag own my throne
pushu phande down in nkulumane yingozi shout to ti gonzi
the real deal with real sk!lls like r. peels snap deal burg king on asaph
straight facts, doing this for 8 plaques game is straight when i spit facts
fame is bait i just want stacks never drop forever on top
my sister you’re black gold, my brother you’re black gold
my mother you’re black gold, my father you’re black gold
black series this is black gold (woo)