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lirik lagu don’t flush me part 2 – nemes


they’re gonna bury me in a guitar case
they’re gonna marry me to a rattlesnake
she’s gonna dig her fangs into my face
and never let me go

tonight the fireflies remind me why
i’m surely gonna die
a death fit for a sinner
singing songs fit for a slave, i’ve been hanging here since winter
but i’ve been dying here for days, i’ve been dying here for days
well i’ve been dying
are you dying?
yes i’ve been dying
we’ve been dying to live

well i went up to a mountaintop and i
saw you shining like the sun and i
knew you were the only one for me
and from the confines of those city streets
i could feel you guiding me
through the darkest nights and the deepest seas
right back into your arms