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freakbob - ​nero (rap) lyrics


verse 1: (wafelek) i copy and pasted this
okay like freakbob hit me up freakbob hit me up
and freakbob said to me that he want me to touch up on his nuts

like omg they so square, they so yellow they so lovely they so clean
i want them up in my mouth so bad but first ill take his peen
his spongec*ck is long as sh*t it touch the back of my throat with ease
im choking on that sh*t i can barely breathe

b*tch im fingerin his gooch like daily
put it in man we finna make a baby
5 star freakbob tryna chase me
i been givin so much spongehead lately

i was twistin his nipples when his pet snail climbed on to my lap and then slimed on my d
now we got tons of snail juices just makin a potion and mixin in with my d*ck cheese

erm that was disgusting
b*tch please
it was as hot as some flamin takis
anyways now it is time for freakbob to go sleep and for me to just end the lil beat uh

freaky bob yea he come over to my place now
said somethin bout fillin guts dont know what thats about
i been too freaky like monsters up in dis b*tch im like
i might pull it then i twist it i hit it im suckin his d*ck then i bop it

girlie she act like a thot tho, dont know thats what i want
give me a d*ck i can grab then ill give him my bussy without second thought
the way you act, i love it all
you say you want me back but im too freaky now
these tendencies to lie to me
you said youd take me out then blow my p*n*s now im gone

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