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lirik lagu 3 16’s – nevoyh


3 16’s

i’ve stopped spitting from the top of my head
if you test me you know you’ll be dead
im ridiculous my flow can’t be read
future timing
you don’t the way i roll
mash it it up like im making potato
bruck it up keep it live when i say so
i’m the illest and you know that its natural
the way i shock em with the b-ss and flow tho
people try to deny me cause they’re upset because ive shinning
i keep it tight spit flows i’m always surviving
your flows redundant and mine keeps evolving
unbelievable achievements and sk!lls i keep providing
theres no rush
i do this
316s all i want hear from you is 316s x4

i mash up shows give me my dough
id perform from state to state if the opportunity arrives
id love to sell out shows
but the reality is i’m still here sitting at home
even though i ain’t broke
got a little dough from when i be busking
and benfits
but month to month waiting for that cash ain’t really all that lit
tryna remember my lyrics
so i can spray when i’m busking reciting these bars
tryna live righteous and holy
so i can open all doors and not be parred when i spit
im a natural performer i’ve stopped singing as much cause the vocals
don’t have an impact as much as when i am rapping
316’s is what we need from me so imma keep doing that til i succeed
keep spitting 16s until the words and the music start fulfilling what i set out to achieve

316s all i want hear from you is 316s x4

im a scorpio but i don’t really do the zodiac sign thing
need a woman by my side but can’t seem to find one
only women wanna play you when you open up your heart
so its on to the next one
i don’t need the negativity
dangling ling goes the fork on my plate as the school been rings
remember them days back in school we played ball all break and lunch
keeping a trim figure even though now i have put on weight
but i’m still slender enough to run 100m in a decent time i’m too real can’t be fake
real energy is what were all really after
no more fairness whats real can’t be faked anyway
so you can all leave me alone with that. bullsh-t rap
that don’t gets no ratings none from me
so please we all need to elevate
im on a path to improve i said i was improve
i’ve seen and done almost everything
from rapping to singing to writing
producing remixing done it all so when will i get my break