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lirik lagu 007 – nick andree


ynd static bridge:
everybody got something to say but i’m def to the bullsh*t
i go cop me an eighth and i smoke you away with this pool stick
i can’t go out like that i ain’t loving no b*tch for no p*ssy

ynd static chorus:
i’m ready for war i ain’t leaving no scars i’m leaving a blood pooly
girl come with that action girl stop all that cappin i’m tryna go make us a movie
pull up in that ashton the diamonds is flashing it feel like a bond movie
yea huh it feel like a bond movie

ynd static verse:
i got me a irish lil b*tch (i do)
she eat me up just like a charm
i got a surprise lil b*tch (i do)
i got the right to bear arms
don’t blow my high lil b*tch (achuu)
right now i think i’m on mars
i got to go iron some sh*t (i do)
cause these b*tches is pressing me hard

nick andree verse:
marry the game i need me a ring
f*ck on yo b yeah she on my thing
ringing my bell that sh*t go like ding
i come from the city they calling me king
i p*ss for the lay up they p*ss it right to me
i started, i came up they act like they knew me
stars in the ceiling that b*tch is a choosy
she all on my drip got her louis and gucci

nick andree verse:
shooting up the ops like a double o 7
calling me too snuggle i said no so i read it
uh yeah okay
fine lil b*tch want a wedding ring
uh yeah okay
nut in that b*tch gotta runaway
uh yeah okay
on some other vibes on my feng shui
feeling like an agent, agent double o 7
never been a p*ssy i think thats the wrong impression
man i feel like glover i feel like a lethal weapon
me and static run the game man thats without a question