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lirik lagu birthday interlude – nick cannon


white people party music
oh my god this is so much fun, i never wanna go home
turn up

[verse 1: nick cannon]
(surprise) open ya eyes, it’s the cannon
all year long, i been party planning
in the lab, cookin’ up, cleaning, spickin’ and spanning
we sending out invites, addressing the haters
come and get it serve em’ up like some waiters
it’s gone be a magic show like shaq before the lakers
mr. entertainment, cake got the bakers its a rap
i’m gifted enjoy the celebration
open em’ up for all these toys, takers
callin’ my boys to bring the noise makers
and girls, i need you to come cute
no costumes, just your birthday suit

everybody drink like its your birthday, everybody smoke like its your birthday
wave your hand like its your birthday, drop two grand like its your birthday

[verse 2: nick cannon]
hey we gon’ celebrate, strike a pose and just let ’em hate
hey we gon’ celebrate, strike a pose and just let ’em hate

are you an aries, are you a taurus, are you a gemini
are you a cancer, are you a leo, are you a virgo, sagittarius (let go)
are you a libra, are you a scorpion, are you a capricorn, you aquarius, are you a pisces
whats your birthday, its your birthday, make noise