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lirik lagu christina the astonishing – nick cave & the bad seeds


“christina the astonishing”

christina the astonishing
lived a long time ago
she was stricken with a seizure
at the age of twenty-two

they took her body in a coffin
to a tiny church in liege
where she sprang up from the coffin
just after the agnus dei

she soared up to the rafters
perched on a beam up there
cried “the stink of human sin
is more that i can bear”

christina the astonishing
was the most astonishing of all
she prayed balanced on a hurdle
or curled up into a ball

she fled to remote places
climbed towers and trees and walls
to escape the stench of human corruption
into an oven she did crawl

o christina the astonishing
behaved in a terrifying way
she would run wildly through the streets
jump in the meusse and swim away

o christina the astonishing
behaved in terrifying manner
died at the age of seventy-four
in the convent of st anna