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lirik lagu mercy – nick cave & the bad seeds



i stood in the water
in the middle month of winter
my camel skin was torture
i was in a state of nature
the wind, sir, it was wicked
i was so alone
just as i predicted
my followers were gone

and i cried ‘mercy’
have mercy upon me
and i got down on my knees

thrown into a dungeon
bread and water was my portion
faith – my only weapon
to rest the devil’s legion
the speak-hole would slide open
a viper’s voice would plead
thick with innuendo
syphilis and greed

and she cried ‘mercy’
have mercy upon me
and i told her to get down on her knees

in a garden full of roses
my hands, tied behind me
my cousin was working miracles
i wondered if he’d find me
the moon was turned toward me
like a platter made of gold
my death, it almost bored me
so often was it told

and i cried ‘mercy’
i cried mercy on me
cryind ‘mercy’
have mercy on me

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