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lirik lagu dirty money – nicki minaj


i don’t wanna sound mad
i feel marvelous right now
dirty money

tell the b-tch with the crown who run like chris brown
round three round i’ma need to hundred town
like china town b-tch is better… down
oh you ain’t know bet the b-tches know now
f-ck i gotta let em know that i’m the one
way i ride the.they salute me in the slum
in the six hun’ the color the bubble gum
i’m with the n-gg- spits and with ym n-gg- bit crum
yes i’m the one i’m the mother f-cking one
no more wait then the big… pun
b-tches talk slip but they ain’t sayin none
man ’cause i’m bad two sticks in my bon
yes sir look what i’ve done
they run run run when i come
i’m stickin with… let me tell you where i’m from
please little mama…