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lirik lagu get silly – nicki minaj


i’m a dime, u a nickelette
light skinn impigiment
write my own shyt, ya’ll copyright infringement
i eat dese rap b-tches, sumbodi get me a dinner mint
p-ssy make him tattoo my name up on his ligament
fuc wrong with dem, my nerves dey keep tweekn
tell em i’m da chief, i’m runnin with mohikans
tell em dis is church, n tell em i am da decan
tell em dat i’m black, chinese, and b-tter peacon
pull up in da range, i’m givin dem more reasons
hit up lil wayne, while i’m in da 4 seasons
tell gutta mac, n kid kid i’m here
i’m colder den a cough, i’m wetter den swim gear
got all dis lil b-tches g-gettin p-pink hair
i’m pretty n i’m fly, i’m up in da pink lear
i needed an -ssistant, i got me a pink queer
decorated his office with flowers and pink chairs (chairs)

listen… nicki minaj, nicki lewinksy… where da fuc is da president