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lirik lagu mi casa – nicki minaj


“mi casa”

i got dhat hard gucc
u know dese b-tches eazy
i got that cold flu
i got dhat itchy sneezy
u in dhat mitzubeeshy
i’m in dhat bently gt
i’m takin trips wid papi
u walkie talkie copy
i got dem pookie feens
miqht rocc summ juicy jeans
i mean sum juicy sweats
maybe sum lose yuh seps
i play foul no free throw
b-tch i ball no peep show
dead-ss no peep show!
brought ah run pr-nto
with a front condo
daughter, son gon doh
watchin telemundo
flyer den ah rocket
money in my poly pockets
whachu coppin
keep dhat work insidee my pippy lonq stockinqs