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lirik lagu addiction – night trap


well, i quit smokin’ and i quit drinkin’
but i can’t stop thinking of you.
crawled out of the bottle. no smokin’s my motto,
but i can’t abstain from you.
you’re my main addiction; a chronic affliction.
i’m dependent with you.

sobriety has been painless. kickin’ the habit’s a success,
but i can’t get over you.
i guess that i’m withdrawlin’. oh, i’m still fallin’
boots over -ss for you.
this is my confession, you’re my obsession
‘cause i’m possessed with you.

yeah, i paid some prices with the rest of my vices,
but i’ve just gone broke with you.
now i’m degenerating with all of this waiting,
and still no cure for you.
i put up a good fight, so read me my last rights
‘cause i’m terminal with you.