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lirik lagu 180 freestyle – ni$h!th


you wan’t the smoke bro, alex, uh
consider me a juul
’cause when you get smoked, you gon’ be ruined and then act a fool, uh
gon’ do a 180, get dizzy
why sh*t getting so fishy?
i’m an omega, no dh3, uh
alex, you are so sh*tty
stop slurring over every god d*mn word
it’s a little bit absurd
little boy really tryna diss
’til that lisp gets hit
you sound like an autismo
i’m at a haut niveau
this quarantine got me f*cking up the place, i’m about to be geronimo
back to my subject, let’s talk about how you suck my d*ck and act a fan
you always asking me for feature, i think you actually are a fan
no one want you back in red light after you left the group
you defended the guy that leaked other songs and then got mad
you said you had no clue, uh
and you sucking that mad d*ck on me i can tell you a fan, uh
sick of making cover arts with picsart, just stop rapping man
you look like the type to come to the dms and apologize
there’s more, you @’d me several times
that showcase was repeated in your daily mix
you cappin’, the world is laughing at you
i hope you know that’s true
you cappin
wonder how bad you gotta be in order to be you, you cappin’
you so trash, you get alts to comment for you, uh, you cappin’