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lirik lagu 5am heist (prod.alchemist) – nile wreckshit


[verse 1 : nile]
young and black on a mission
ducking the one time so i won’t match a description
held my position in h-lls kitchen smashing the dishes
some white and privilege wont understand the sh-t that we live in
sit and envision us living off the cash that we getting from the same system we against
need my name on a blimp
fore i sit six feet
never got too deep / in the bullsh-t
riding with n-gg-s ending parties off a full fifth of vodka when the moon lit
smell the fumes out the coupe when the c–ns whip
kept a distance from the faith and the pulpits
finding em silly
like uh high on uh shroom trip
ride if you with me / b-tches quit with the hickeys now
straight to the zippy on they knees
when im feeling like the world on my shoulders and the stress got me feeling down
wont stop till my ..
liver drown