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lirik lagu 4 in the mornin – nipsey hussle


it’s that 4 in the morning sh-t

i’m off this red bull
i got a head full
a n-gg- stressed out, let’s get this bed full
s-xual healing, so appealing
you a bad b-tch, i’m a real n-gg-
tell me that you love me
i tell you the same
that’s a f-cking shame
we both running game
i just want your pleasure
you just want my pain
i just want you all for me and you just want the same
let’s take a flight, let’s live this life
let’s get a hotel, let’s both spend a night
i’m a busy n-gg-, you a busy girl
it’s a fast life, we living in this busy world
we in my fast car, you ain’t no fast broad
you got your heart broke, he did your -ss wrong
plus your dad gone, let me be your daddy
i wanna see you happy, we both come from broken families
you can tell the truth, i’mma tell it, too
we gonna smoke this weed ’til they kick us out the room
like f-ck it, that’s life
f-cking tonight, we f-cking, right?
you f-cking right
i ain’t gona lie to you, i know i’m fly to you
no, f-ck that, girl, i’m the sky to you
ocean in the clouds, birds and the bees
your friends proud when they know that you f-cking with me
i got you popping, i’ll take you shopping
around the world, started on slauson
that’s real sh-t, real sh-t
i know all my real b-tches feel this
4 in the morning, tell me that you want it
bend you over, i got you moaning
you love this sh-t, you want this sh-t
you got this sh-t, no politics

smoke something with you?
it’s like we pouring some more drink
get yours, i got mine
this that real sh-t
sitting on the top floor of the fly -ss hotel, drunk as f-ck with a bad b-tch
make you appreciate life
n-gg- work hard, you know
yeah, 7 days a week we do this sh-t
you should do it with me
when i’m gone, sh-t, play this
i ain’t tripping on sh-t, ain’t no rules in this
f-ck ’em all, though