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lirik lagu road to riches – nipsey hussle


on the road to riches my car fast my b-tches bad
my locs on, my beat thump, my pistol stashed
transition, now their ain’t no looking back
my bro home, my daughter straight, now what more can a n-gg- ask
hows it looking? i’m gon’ keep getting cash
cause i’m like that rolex 2nd hand behind the crystal gl-ss
keep moving, keep hustlin’ till i see improvement
i know i can’t win ’em all but i can’t keep losing
that’s what i use to tell myself when life seemed useless
when it felt like if i was to change it would be for music
when pac showed us that the pain we felt was not exclusive
was in the hood but sean carter showed us no excuses
now kids tell me i’m the reason that they finished school
an if it wasn’t for the marathon they wouldn’t made it through it
all on twitter like n-gg- go on and drop your new sh-t
i’m just taking time to make the proper use of my influence
couple hundred thousand cash a few haters
lawyer fees for new cases and a box of blunts later i give you
the streets ill-strated latest issue
the update on my state of mind and everything i been through
theme music for young hustlers to get their ends to
the proof to every young n-gg- banging on what you can do [x2]
my, beat banging gold chain sw-ngin’
an all money in is still the song that i’m sanging
cant fade ’em fame can’t change him
still screaming f-ck a b-tch and these b-tches can’t blame him
it’s true, he in the game these hoes can’t play him
respect a n-gg- pimpin’ cause they know he don’t save ’em
can’t break ’em cause these n-gg-z ain’t make him
but still they try with all their might but i rebuke you satan
lets pray…..

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