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lirik lagu the basement – nisho


(word to suede for this joint…. suedegawd)

capability i never knew though
spit fire straight from core just call me zuko
blu flow
who knew pros could show feral like a zoo though
stay fighting mics like vale tudo
tekken fights, nice right and left on the d-pad
taking steps in these sketchers
moving my feet back
re-trace, re-up
re-lace, re-relieve that
on an abstract with the raps that i feed, drag
up in a race, no engine to run
boots be the piston, heartbeat be the drum still gunning
never picked up a gun, no full metal
i’m just feeling like scar when i run flows, ishval
ball so hard you know the rest
i wouldn’t know, barely watching the throne below the heavens
no question, nishoblu so true
mind’s like chemistry, flow’s i cold fuse
relatable, debating who’s wack and who’s winning?
trying to get away from arguments that’s never ending
mid-suspension in the air like aang
still gliding, coinciding
miggfam told ’em bang
don’t reiterate, give ’em straight sniper
agni kai
i just strike and keep fighting
avatar references, yes it is
nishoblu, show you where the destined live….

i don’t know where you came from
i know the flow’s been dangerous
i said i wouldn’t change up
but this is for one instance
i know you forgot about this beat
better yet, probably me
i could give a f-ck less don’t be upset when i drop my heat
i feel like eu
hippogod don’t be mad at me
just tryin to sit back and try and make a masterpiece
give me a chance like the rapper who made the acid piece
let every m-f- know that i do this avidly
i ain’t making room for average
“time for your nap little one”
i’m randy savage
funny how fans are so fickle
feeling like music is lost
“i don’t f-ck with lyricism
sh-t is always rhyming off
imma take it to twitter
find an artist to start hating on
and feel really bitter,”
freedom of speech i hear you
but its just truly biased
i rather give credit
say i like it instead of hate inside me
great when i start dividing
rhymes started multiplying
bardock’s headband on my head, super saiyan spray rhyming
do this for my fallen people
walk in the room like william regal
ball for a few i lie, i see you
hit em with an elbow, rocking people
i feel like oblivion
from hollow bastion
call me terry mcginnis all i do is go beyond
months in the making
big tigga, bring back the bas-m-nt
play this track so me and suede can go in……..