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lirik lagu slow violence – no other way


slow violence

humanity a virus on a dying rock
a race so parasitic that it destroys itself

do you not see through their lies?
or do you consciously sit by?
you’re either with me or you’re against me
there is on middle ground it time to pick a side

excuses start to run thin
and you yourself can’t find a reason
and i won’t hear your words of slothfulness
is it kindness? no it’s common sense

through indoctrination
it is justified
but here is where i draw the line
left with ash and decay
as a people we have strayed
this violence done comes at a price
a war at which there is now two side

this is bigger than me more important than you
or the excuse of a life that you hold on to
it’s black and white there is no gray
the battle we’re fighting starts today

our future is bleak and you don’t seem to see
that every life you take shaves off my empathy
prepare yourself for revolution
you’re the problem. i’m the solution